One of Sil's alterate forms. She wears an Orange Sweater & a Long Brown Skirt (possilby a Victim's close). That this step Sil finally masters house to drive a Car & than fake her death show the Scientist would leave her along


Sil in an orange Turtle-neck Sweater & Long Brown Skrit (& still Blonde)


  • Victim House C-Sil spend the nigh, ask her victim 'Ever had nightmares" & throws somthing away & took off in a car.
  • Night Club?-Sil only appered by the parking lot.


  • Sil's diolbolical plan seem to be based on Thunder Road (that could explain why she looked so shocked).
  • It's unknow how Sil learned how to use the Gas Pump realy fast.
  • When Sil cut her finger with Plyers, it grew back.
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